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Kenny (aka Slimmy)

Since November 2017 I have lost 137 pounds, 52 of that since joining Warlock CrossFit. I’ve hit my first goal. That was to beat diabetes. On August 3rd I went to the doctors and was taken off my diabetes medication. My a1c was 5.1 that day! I am now working on goal number 2 to […]

Stephanie K

It’s been a wonderful experience for me to see how I’ve changed mentally and physically. I’ve lost 20 lbs and 17 inches. What I like the most is the confidence I’ve gained being a 55 year old woman. Seeing this transformation in myself has made me feel so good about myself and how I approach […]


Warlock Athletic Academy put me on the course of success. Not only have I gotten fitter from the supportive environment of Warlock, but I’ve become a better student and athlete because of it. I stopped eating so much and started watching what I was eating and sure enough, I lost about 35 – 40 pounds because […]