Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan

Wednesday August 7, 2019

Thank you to everyone that helped CJ during the 2019 CrossFit season. The 2019 season started with the Open, moved into the Online Qualifier, and then finally into The Games. It’s a long, grueling demanding process.  Whether you are his Wife, PT, Doctor, Coached him in class, friend, live streamed his workouts, made the trip to Madison, bought a Russo shirt, watched online, pushed him in training, said good luck or liked the videos on social media, it’s all appreciated and helps. It takes a village, an entire team to help someone reach The Games. Thank you for being an important part of our Warlock community and this entire 2019 season! Congratulations CJ on being the 8th Fittest Man on the Planet and Congratulations to everyone in the gym for being a part of making that happen!

“Happy and rested” is the new “busy and tired”

Primer: AMRAP 5 for Quality
3 Tempo Front Squats + 3 Strict Pull Ups + 6 Push Ups + 9 Air Squats (each round change your footing wider, narrower, normal)

Strength: Front Squat 3 x 3,2,1 (climbing)

WOD: “Air Guitar”
On The 0: Max Unbroken Thrusters @ 115/85 + 30 C2BPU (4 min time cap) 3 Min Recovery Run
On The 6: Max Unbroken Thrusters @ 115/85 + 20 C2BPU (4 Min time cap) 3 min Recovery Run
On The 12: Max Unbroken Thrusters @ 115/85 + 10 C2BPU (4 Min time cap) 3 Min Recovery Run

Performance @ 95/65 | C2BPU
Fitness @75/55 | Pull Ups
Fit Light @45/35 | Ring Rows

*Score is Thrusters


For Time: 400M Farmers Carry rest 5 minutes
400M Yoke Carry rest 5 Minutes
50 GHDSU + LSit for as long as the GHDSU took you.

*Time each part separately.

5×5 Bench Press + 5 Pendlay Rows + 1000M Recovery bike between each set.