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Month: April 2022

Sunday May 1, 2022

"Increased reputation = improved influence among your peers." -Anonymous Warm Up: 1 set:50 jumping jacks10 pass-throughs (PVC)40 jumping jacks10 overhead squats (PVC)30 jumping jacks10 pass-throughs (PVC)20 jumping jacks10 overhead squats (PVC)10 jumping jacksSpecific Warm-Up:1 set:3 snatch drops (quarter squat)3-5 snatch drops (above parallel)3 snatch balances (quarter squat)3-5 snatch balances (above parallel)2 sets:5-8 hang power snatches (empty bar)Every [...]

Saturday April 30, 2022

"One kind word can change someone's entire day." -Anonymous Warm Up: AMRAP 8:With a partner:P1: Run 200 mP2: AMRAP: 10 PVC pass-throughs, 8 push-ups, 6 DB bent-over rows*When P1 comes in from the run, switch.Specific Warm-Up:Bench Press Warm Up2 sets:5-7 reps (building)PARTNER WOD:5 rounds for reps with a partner:2:00 bench presses (105/155 lb)2:00 L pull-upsIntermediate: 5 rounds [...]

Friday April 29, 2022

"Happiness is a day. It's called Friday." -Anonymous Warm Up: 1 set::45 inchworm + push-ups400-m runSpecific Warm-Up:2 sets:8-10 back squats (empty bar)1 set:15 back squats (light)10 back squats (workout weight)– Rest 1:00-1:30 between sets.BENCHMARK WOD: MANION7 rounds for time:400-m run29 back squats (95/135 lb)Intermediate: 7 rounds for time:400-m run29 back squats (65/95 lb)Beginner:5 rounds for time:200-m run15 [...]

Thursday April 28, 2022

"Getting to the next level of performance is what celebrating a victory is really about." -Anonymous Warm Up: 3 sets:30 alternating shoulder taps (15/arm)20 hollow rocks10 broad jumpsSpecific Warm-Up:Wall-walk progressionStrict toes-to-bars WOD:For time:10 wall walks30 box jumps (20/24 in)30 strict knees-to-elbows30 box jumps30 strict toes-to-bars30 box jumps10 wall walksTime Cap: 17 MinutesIntermediate: For time:5 wall walks30 box [...]

Wednesday April 27, 2022

"The ability to get back to training is what separates elite performers from ordinary achievers." -Anonymous Warm Up: 1 set:20 mountain climbers10 staggered-stance good mornings/leg5 single-arm ring rows/arm1 set:20 sit-ups (legs straight)10 good morning + jumps5 scap pull-ups1 set:20 push-ups10 burpees5 strict pull-ups or ring rowsPre-workout Skill Work: EMOM 7:1 banded deadlift– Rest with the remaining time in [...]

Tuesday April 26, 2022

"Make sure any feedback you get is constructive." -Anonymous Warm Up: 1 set::20 mountain climbers:20 shoulder taps:20 double-knee tucks in plank1:00 calorie row– Row with an s/m pace fewer than 20.1 set:1:00 plank DB pull-throughs1:00 calorie row– Row with an s/m pace greater than 30Specific Warm-Up:Sprint start review WOD:For time:1:00 max calorie row150-m farmers carry (35/50 [...]

Monday April 25, 2022

"A mistake repeated more than once is a decision." -Paulo CoelhoWarm Up: 1 set:10 alternating Spiderman stretch:20 jumping jacks10 push-up to down dogs:20 skier jacks1 set:10 good mornings:20 single-unders10 up-downs:20 single-unders1 set:10 double knee tucks in a plank:20 jump rope10 burpees:20 jump ropeSpecific Warm-Up:Double Under ProgressionWOD:AMRAP 12:10 burpees25 double-undersIntermediate: Same as RxBeginner:AMRAP 12:10 burpees30 single-undersMovement scaling options: Burpees: [...]

Sunday April 24, 2022

"Highlight what you do poorly and more importantly, particularly well." -Anonymous Warm Up: 8 sets::20 max-distance row:10 RestSpecific Warm-Up: 2 sets:5 overhead squats (building)BENCHMARK WOD: On a 32:00 clock:From 0:00-18:00:For load: Overhead squat5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1Perform 1 set every 2:00.Rest 2:00From 20:00-32:00:For time: Row 1,700/2,000 mIntermediate: Same as RxBeginner:On a 32:00 Clock:From 0:00-18:00:For load: Overhead squat5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1Perform 1 set every 2:00.Rest [...]

Saturday April 23, 2022

"Have a particularly strong need for instant in the moment feedback." -Anonymous Warm Up: 1 set:Run 200 m10 PVC pass-throughs15 PVC good mornings1 set:Run 200 m10 PVC around-the-worlds (5/side)15 PVC Romanian deadlifts1 set:Run 200 m10 kip swings10 inchworm walk-outsSkill Work: 2 sets:Max strict pull-ups– Rest 3:00 between sets.BENCHMARK WOD: HELEN3 rounds for time:400-m run21 kettlebell swings (16/24 [...]

Friday April 22, 2022

"Train together, stay together." -Anonymous Warm Up: 1 set::45 bike (slow):30 groiners:15 air squats1 set::45 bike (moderate):30 T-push-up:15 air squats1 set::45 bike (hard):45 box step-upsSkill Work: 10 attempts:Max-distance broad jumpsWOD:EMOM 15:Min. 1 | 12/15-cal. Echo bikeMin. 2 | 10 box jumps (20/24 in) + 10 burpeesMin. 3 | RestIntermediate: EMOM 15:Min. 1 | 9/12-cal. Echo bikeMin. 2 | [...]