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Month: January 2022

Tuesday February 1, 2022

"A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you write them." -Anonymous Warm Up: 4 sets:20 double-unders or single-undersRest :10:20 mountain climbersRest :10Specific Warm-Up: 1 set:High knees (50 m)Butt kickers (50 m)Skip for height (50 m)Skip for distance (50 m)Side shuffle (50 m, switch directions halfway through)Jog (50 m)1 set:100-m runRest 2:00200-m runWOD:For [...]

Monday January 31, 2022

"Champions keep playing until they get it right." -Billie Jean King Warm Up: 2 sets:30 jump rope10 Cossack squats10 over the fence10 DB RDLs (light)10 DB strict presses (light)Skill Work: 4 sets for reps::20 plate hops (45/25 lb)Rest :40WOD:5 x 2:00 rounds:20 DB box step-ups (35/50 lb) (16/20 in)Max reps of DB push pressesRest 2:00 between roundsIntermediate: 5 [...]

Sunday January 30, 2022

"Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms." -Anonymous Warm Up: 2 sets:30 toe-touches:30 mountain climbers:30 of 2 shoulder taps + 1 push-upRest :30 between sets.Skill Work: 8 sets for reps::20 alternating DB snatchesRest :10Specific Warm-Up: 3 sets1 snatch balance4 overhead squats (building)WOD:For load:Overhead squats5-5-5Snatch balances3-3-3Hang squat snatch1-1-1Intermediate: Same as RxBeginner:Same as RxMovement scaling options: Overhead Squats: Load, snatch-grip push jerks, [...]

Saturday January 29, 2022

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." -Omar KhaayyamWarm Up: AMRAP 610/7-cal. row or bike5 inchworms10 PVC pass-throughs15 air squats WOD:For time:3,000/2,100-m bike75 KB swings (32/24 kg)1,000/800-m row60 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)800-m run45 pull-upsTime Cap: 22 MinutesIntermediate: For time:3,000/2,100-m bike50 KB swings (24/16 kg)1,000/800-m row40 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)800-m run30 pull-upsBeginner:For time:2,000/1,600-m bike40 KB swings [...]

Friday January 28, 2022

"Train like a beast, look like a beauty." -Anonymous Warm Up: 3 sets:20 jumping jacksRest :10:20 double knee tucks in a plankRest :10Pre-Workout Skill Work: EMOM 5:1-5 wall walksWOD:5 rounds for time:1:00 handstand hold21 toes-to-barsIntermediate: 5 rounds for time:1:00 handstand hold21 knees-to-armpitsBeginner:5 rounds for time:1:00 plank hold21 sit-upsMovement scaling options: Handstand Hold: Piked handstand hold, feet-elevated plank hold, [...]

Thursday January 27, 2022

"I thought about giving up, but then I remembered who was watching." -Anonymous Warm Up: 3 sets5 up-downs to a target5 squat-to-stand5 double knee tucks5 air squats5 tuck jumpsPre-workout:On a 6:00 clock:Build up to a max-height box jumpWOD:10 sets for load:2 back squatsIntermediate: Same as RxBeginner:Same as RxMovement scaling options: Back Squat: Load, squat to a target, back-rack [...]

Wednesday January 26, 2022

"Surround yourself around fitness minded people. Positivity can be contagious!" -Anonymous Partner Warm Up: 1 set eachPartner 1 – 1:00 cal. row (easy pace – 18-22 stroke rate)Partner 2 – 10 Samson lunges + 10 scorpions1 set eachP1 – 1:00 cal. row (moderate pace – 20-24 stroke rate)P2 – 10 lateral lunges + 10 scap pulls1 [...]

Tuesday January 25, 2022

"Tuesday isn't so bad... it's a sign that I've somehow survived Monday." -Anonymous Warm Up: 2 sets:30 single-unders10 push-ups10 air squats10 good mornings (empty barbell)10 high pulls (empty barbell)2 sets:15 double-under practice10 arm swings across10 arm swings overhead10 front-rack lunges (empty barbell)10 shoulder presses (empty barbell)Specific Warm-Up: 2-3 sets7 front squats7 push presses1 clean and jerksWOD:For [...]

Monday January 24, 2022

"Remembering the destination will help you make the single most important distinction in life, which is to distinguish between an opportunity to be seized and a temptation to be resisted." - Jonathan SacksWarm Up: 1 set10 alternating Spiderman stretches10 leg swings (across body) / leg10 up-downs1 set10 leg swings (front and back) / leg10 box step-ups (any height)10 good mornings [...]

Sunday January 23, 2022

"It's not the distance you must conquer in running, it's yourself." -Michael D'AulerioWarm Up: 1 set10 alternating Spiderman stretch10 leg swings / leg10 jumping jacks10 high knees + 10 butt kickers10 skips for height10 reverse lunges10 broad jumps10 walking lungesAthletes should complete a jog after each exercise.Skill Work: EMOM 310 jumping squats100-m runRest with the remaining time [...]