Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan

Year: 2020

JANUARY 1, 2021

ENJOY YOUR REST DAY. WE ARE CLOSED TODAY. SPEND IT RECOVERING, MOBILIZING, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Home WOD:Mobility:Puppy PoseWrist StretchCouch StretchPigeon PoseButterflyWOD:2021M Row Every Minute on the Minute 5 Burpees Modifications: 2021M Run2021M Ski4042M Bike If you can’t measure a distance go run for 15 Minutes and EMOM do 8 Air Squats2021M RunBulletproof Shoulders:Sub Burpees for [...]

December 31, 2020

*Morning Classes Only Today!Team beats talent when talent isn't a team. Primer: 3 Set60s Machine10 Inch Worms5 Strict Press5 Push Press5 Push Jerks Mobility:Pike Stretch Butterfly StraddleWOD: "Hamburgler" 5 Rounds: 18 Chest to Bar Pull Ups15 Bar Facing Burpees12 Shoulder to Overhead @ 115/75No Pull Ups: 5 Rounds18 KB Swings @ 53/3515 Bar Facing Burpees12 Shoulder to OverheadBullet Proof Shoulders: [...]

December 30, 2020

3 Things that every teammate can control to be a great teammate: 1. Effort 2. Attitude 3. ActionsPrimer: 60s Active Spider Man and Reach15 Barbell GM10 Air Squats5 Burpees Barbell Warm Up5 Back Squats10 Elbow Rotations5 Strict Press5 Front squats5 Romanian DL5 Muscle Cleans5 Hang Power CleansMobility:Frog Bottom Squat Hold Technique Strength: 4x 5 Power Cleans Touch and [...]

Tuesday December 29, 2020

Primer: 20 Banded Side Steps20 Banded Forward / Backward Walks 10 Banded Glute Bridges 10 Banded Squats60s Jumping Squats60s Empty Barbell Strict Press Front Squat Skills and Drills 5 Zombie Squats | 30s Burpees 5 Front Squats | 30s Sit Ups 5 Pause Front Squats (2s) | 30s Burpees5 One ¼ Front Squats | 30s Sit Ups 3 Tempo Descent Front Squat [...]

Monday December 28, 2020

Choose three of your favorite ways from The Hard Hat for how you can be a great teammate. Put one into action today. Primer: 8 Minutes for Quality60s Row40s Barbell Overhead March8 Burpees50 Ft Duck WalkMobility:Pigeon PoseBottom Squat HoldTechnique Work: 5 x 1 Pausing Power Snatch +1 Pausing Overhead Squat +1 Pausing Squat Snatch*If at home [...]

Sunday December 27, 2020

"After reading the hardhat, what is the number 1 characteristic that stands out to you the most? "Primer: 8 Minutes for Quality: 40s Machine40s Barbell Overhead March8 Boot Straps 40 Ft Duck WalkStrength: 12 Minutes to Build to a heavy Clean and JerkWOD: 20.1 10 Rounds For Time8 Ground to Overhead at 95/65 10 Bar [...]

Saturday December 26, 2020

"What would George Do?" Primer: 3 Rounds 45s Machine30 Ft Overhead Carry10 Cossack Squats 10 Bent Over Row30s Squat HoldMobility: 60s Lizard90s Frog poseStrength: 3 x 5 DB Snatches (Climbing each arm)Hot and Ready: 5 RdsMin 1: DB Snatches @ 70/50Min 2: Goblet Squats with DB @ 70/50Min 3: Cal MachineMin 4: RestBullet Proof Shoulders: 5 RoundsMin [...]

Thursday December 24, 2020

Lesson 21: "Leave the Place Better Than You Found It." AMRAP 810 Cal Machine10 Hanging Scap Retractions10 Goblet Squats50 Ft Bear CrawlMobility:Seated Forward FoldLizard PoseWOD: “Deck The Halls”AMRAP 5 x 330 Burpees30 Chest to Bar15 Cal Machine3 Minute Rest Btw Rounds*No Chest to Bar | KB SwingsBullet Proof: 3 Rounds: 45 Single Arm DB Overhead Lunges 60 [...]

Wednesday December 23, 2020

Lesson 20: SacrificeYou must be willing to give some of yourself for the greater good of the team. You have to be willing to sacrifice what you want for what the team needs. You need to decided to move from selfishness to selflessness. The truth is only through service and sacrifice will anyone become great. [...]

Tuesday December 22, 2020

Lesson 19: Love Your Team Love truly is the greatest leadership principle and team-building strategy on the planet and if you don't have it, you can't share it. The truth is, if you don't love your team, you can never be a great teammate. Don't wait for your team to love you; first commit to [...]