Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan

Month: March 2019

Monday April 1, 2019

Hey Team! The deload week is over! I hope you’re rested and recovered. I know you’ve had some time to evaluate your Open performance and are chomping at the bit to attack those weaknesses. I’ve spent a lot of time looking over what you guys crushed, struggled with, and how as a team and community […]

Sunday March 31, 2019

“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to some one else’s Chapter 20.” Primer – 8 Minutes for Quality 10 Reverse OH Lunges 10 Alternating Shoulder Touches 10 Good Mornings A. 3 Rounds – 600m Run (to the top of the hill) 30 Russian KB Swings @ 70/44 30 Sit Ups Performance @ 53/35 Fitness @ 44/26 […]

Saturday March 30, 2019

Deload week is almost complete. This is the final two days of giving our bodies and minds some time to recover, enjoy it. The hardest part is staying the course for the last two days. “Accept both compliments and criticism, it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.” Primer: EMOM 12: Min […]

Friday March 28, 2019

Congratulations to CJ and Cristy for finishing in the Top 200 Athletes in the World for The CrossFit Open. CJ finished 12th in the world in the 50-54 division and Cristy finished 54th in the 40-44 division. From here they move onto the Masters Online Qualifier which takes place at Warlock CrossFit during the first […]

Thursday March 28, 2019

“Understand the amount of hard work it takes to build something meaningful, it’s enormous” Theraband Protocol Primer: 3 Rounds: 5 Wall Walks | 10 Jane Fonda’s | 15 Glute Bridges | A. 5 Rounds for Quality 100 Ft Sandbag Carry 75 Ft Sled Bear Crawl 50/35 Cal Row 25 Shoot Thru’s Bonus: ROMWOD

Wednesday March 27, 2019

“Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.” A. Cindy Ish – AMRAP 20 10 Ring Rows | 10 Push Ups | 15 Air Squats 5 Strict Chest to Bar | 10 Deficit Push Ups 4.5/3 Inches | 15 OH Lunges @ 45/25 B. Tabata: […]

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Deload week. It’s been a hard fought 5 weeks and it’s time to give our bodies and minds some time to recover. We want to recharge so that in a week from today we can continue to build upon what we have learned. Have some fun during this next week and enjoy the deload. Once […]

Monday March 25, 2019

Deload doesn’t mean easy, don’t get the two confused. The goal is to pull back the volume and intensity to move with purpose this week. You will feel good by Wednesday / Thursday. Stay disciplined, stay the course. “It’s simple: a good quality squat will always beat a heavy squat with poor technique” – Squat […]

Sunday Funday March 24, 2019

“My true potential had more to do with my willingness to struggle, than with my past and present circumstances.” – Hope Jahren Primer: 3 Rounds: 60 Second easy Jog | 45 seconds Lateral Banded Step Overs | 30 Seconds of Deadbugs A. “Alchemy” Teams of 2 – AMRAP 25 Partner A – AMRAP 10M Sled […]

Saturday March 23, 2019

We’ve competed 5 times in the last 5 weeks. Some people competed 10 times in the last 5 weeks, that’s a lot. The next week will be a deload week so we can recover and get ready to start improving what we learned from the 5 weeks of The Open. Enjoy your deload week! “Macro […]