Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan

Month: October 2015

#371 Saturday Zombie Halloween Workout 10.31.2015

*Costumes are highly encouraged! A. 1 RM Clean B. Zombie Halloween Workout If you are “Alive” you will start the workout with the first group.  If you are a “Zombie” you will start the WOD 3 minutes after the living people and try to catch them! Here are the rules: If you are a Zombie […]

#369 Thursday 10.29.2015

A. 1 Front Squat EMOM x 10 B. 15 minute EMOM 3 Pull Ups 6 Sit Ups 9 Air Squats AMRAP of Thrusters with remainder of minute. – Score is weight of thrusters x reps – You pick the thruster weight – Thruster weight doesn’t change – You must be back at the pull up […]

#368 Wednesday 10.28.2015

*Attention* There is no 6 pm or 7 pm class on Wednesday October 28th. *Click Here to register for the CrossFit Liftoff. We will be testing our 1 rep max Clean and Jerk and 1 RM Snatch on Friday November 6th starting at 6 pm till 9 ish. A.  Snatches Work – Quickly work up […]

#367 Tuesday 10.27.2015

Tomorrow from 4-8 pm we will have Nick from Progenex at Warlock giving away some tasty samples and gear. Stop in, try some progenex and then walk away with some gear. A. 4×3 – Deadlifts – Directly into Max Effort Toes to Bar after each set.  Rest as needed in between rounds . B. 21-15-9 Power […]

#366 Monday 10.26.2015

A. 8×2 Back squat B. 8 Minute AMRAP 3-6-9-12-15 etc Thrusters @ 95 / 65 C2BPU *Bonus* 3x300M Row – 1 Minute Rest Not For Time: 3 Rounds – 15 Hip Extensions,15 GHDSU,  

#365 Warlock World One (Sunday) 10.25.2015

Seeing Sunday is our 1 year anniversary we decided to come up with something fun for you guys, Warlock World One. It is designed to be light weight, fast, grueling and accessible to everyone at our gym. While it is light weight it will challenge you mentally to go to that deep dark place in […]