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Saturday February 24, 2018

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Great job with 18.1 last night! The energy, level of support and team spirit was awesome! Saturday classes are at 8 and 9 am. 18.1 Recovery Yoga is at 10 am with Melissa on the turf. If you have a yoga mat feel free to bring it! If you want to redo the workout or do it for the first time you have Sunday during Open gym from 10-12 noon and Monday during classes. Happy Saturday!

12 Strict HSPU
15 Front Squats @ 115/75
18 10M Shuttle Runs

4 Min Rest

15 4/3 Inch Deficit HSPU
15 Front Squats @ 115/75
15 10M Shuttle Runs

4 Min Rest

18 Kipping HSPU
15 Front Squats @ 115/75
12 10M Shuttle Runs

Rd 1 – 12 HSPU / FS @ 115/75
Rd 2 – 30 Second HS Hold / FS@115/75
Rd 3 – 18 Shoulder Touches / FS @ 115/75

Warlock Fitness
Rd 1 – 30 Second HS Hold / FS @ 95/65
Rd 2 – 30 Shoulder Touches / FS @ 95/65
Rd 3 – 20 Push Ups / FS @ 95/65

Warlock Fitness Light
Rd 1 – 30 Shoulder Touches in Plank Position / FS @ 95/65
Rd 2 – 15 Push Ups / FS @ 95/65
Rd 3 – 18 Burpees / FS @ 95/65

Bonus :
1. EMOM x 10 odd: 50 Double Unders even: 5,4,3,2,1 Squat Cleans (climbing in weight)
2. 3 Rounds – 20 Second L Sit, 20 Sit Ups – 90 Seconds rest after each round

Warlock Weightlifting:
1. Snatch (on the minute) – 70%x1x5, 75%x1x5
2. Clean & Jerk (on the minute) – 70%x1+1×5, 75%x1+1×5
3. Front Squat – 5RM, 90%x5, 90%xMax Reps
4. Jerk Support in Split – 5 sec – 1RM
5. Weighted Sit-up – 3 x 15

Friday Night Lights @ Warlock 18.1 – Presented by Camp Hillcroft

Click here to view and read the full movement standards and descriptions for teenage, masters and scaled divisions.

18.1 Premier Sponsor: Camp Hillcroft
Hospitality Sponsor: Baroni Recycling

*Heats will be posted by 1 pm. Athlete briefing is at 5 pm. First heat is set to kick off at 5:30 pm. Throughout the day our team will share thoughts on the workout and dive deeper into this during the athlete briefing. If you’re around today and want to do a practice round, practice some dumbbell hang cleans and jerks, that is encouraged. Feel free to pick our brains on the workout and strategy. Congrats to Ryan and Mario for both putting up monster scores and kicking off the 2018 CrossFit season! Overall this workout will come down to pacing, which, we practice a lot. Focus on what you can control, have fun and we’ll see you guys tonight for 18.1. Remember 10 spirit points are on the line for the team with the most spirit! Any issues please don’t hesitate to let me know

We take a lot into consideration for these workouts when planning heats i.e. rig heights, dumbbells, judges etc. If something is off, you’re missing, you’re judging yourself there’s probably a typo. Please email for any corrections.

18.1 Heats – Athlete / Judge

HEAT1: 5:30PM

Jill B. – Quinby
Sondra – Sara
Cristy – Mario
Michelle Russo – CJ
Miriam – Seth
Jamie Feicht – Ashley
Matt Covich –  Lew
Eric Gillman – Heather
Maximus – Greg
Timmy – Sue
HEAT 2: 6:00PM
Michelle Lobo – Greg
Sherry W. – Quinby
Lisa Kooperman – Mario
Samn Perzel – Seth
Kim Collier – Ashley
Matt T. – Heather
Nick B. – Lew
Brad Schmidt – Sue
Gary Lewis – Melissa
Carlos –  Kyle Rancourt
HEAT 3: 6:30PM
Joe Poole – Cristy
Stiesel – CJ
Joe Natonio Sr. – Melissa
Dave Stewart – Greg
Kathy Lowell – Seth
Sally Buttinger – Quinby
Bri Wies – Mike
Christa – Sue
Zenaida – Robson
HEAT 4: 7:00PM
Little Andrew Perzel
Johnathan Su – Seth
Joey Natonio – Lew
David S. – Heather
Connor Cahill – Sara
Debbie D. – Robson
Anita Picard – Mike
Dawn Rancourt – Ashley
Stephanie K. – CJ
Marina – Mario
HEAT 5: 7:30PM
Brendan L. – Quinby
Kevin C. – Jim
Zach C. – Mario
Keith Koonin – JoJo
Jose L. – K Rancourt
Marianna P. – Lew
Alissa S. – Ashley
Caroline – Melissa
Melissa P. – Michelle
Bridget – Cristy
HEAT 6: 8:00PM
Darrell – Mike
Eric K. – Seth
Sonny – Heather
Drew Perzel – Cristy
Karl Zeyher -Ashley
Patty Castano – Jojo
Maddy S. – Sue
Jennell – Lew
Amy M. – Mario
Randi Barr – Michelle
HEAT 7: 8:30PM
Greg Lobo – Michelle
Chris Q. – Seth
Jim Cahill – Sue
Robson – Sara
Kyle Rancourt – Ashley
Vicky C. – Mike
Michele T. – Lew
Maria W. – Cristy
Fiona – Jojo
Meredith – Erik
HEAT 8: 9:00PM
Cory V. – Erik
Marcus – Seth
Josh – Mario
Billy Porter – Heather
Marjorie – Lew
Kelly Torres – Cristy
Karen Su – Ashley
Mel D. – Mike
HEAT 9: 9:30PM
Sue Sanchez – Quinby
Stephanie M. – Greg
Krysta W. – Jim
Sara Z. – Cristy
Ana – Kyle Rancourt
Tommy Cavallo – Mike
Lewis –  Mario
HEAT 10: 10:00
Lew Ann – Quinby
Ashley – Seth
Heather – Jim
Lindsay – Mike
Val – Greg
Erik – Kyle Rancourt
Keith Collazo –  Cristy
Taft – Mario

A. 18.1 – AMRAP 20

8 T2B
10 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks @ 50/35
14/12 Cal Row

8 Hanging Knee Raises
10 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks @ 35/20
14/12 Cal Row

Click Below for tips from Nicole Carroll – Director of CrossFit Training and Certification

Warlock Weightlifting: Rest Day

Thursday February 22, 2018

Join us Thursday February 22 at 8 pm at Warlock for the live announcement of 18.1. Special thanks to our sponsor Moriarty Physical Therapy. Come kick off the CrossFit Season by watching Kristin Holte and Sam Briggs go head to head. We will then have Ryan and Mario face off immediately following.

If you are:

1. Signed up but not going to be workout out during Friday night Lights

2. Are a drop in.

Please email by 8 pm on Thursday February 22 @ 8 pm.

Friday Night Lights – Presented by Camp Hillcroft will kick off promptly at 5 pm. Heats for Friday Night Lights will be posted right here on Friday by 1 pm.

3×3 @ 60%
2×2 @ 65-70%

B. EMOM x 12
Min 1: 10 Burpees
Min 2: 10 Up and Over Boxjumps @ 24/20
Min 3: 40 Second Row
Min 4: 40 Second Plank

Bonus – ROM WOD

Warlock Weightlifting:
1. Segment Snatch (below knee) – 2RM, 90%x2, 95%x2
2. Snatch Pull on Riser – 4RM, 90%x4x2
3. RLE Good Morning (reps/leg) – 3×6
4. Back Extension with 3 sec pause at top – 3×10
A1. Snatch Grip Bent Row – 3 x10
A2. V-up – 3 x max

Warlock Intramural Open Teams

If you’re not on a team or a list it’s because no on loves you haha jk. It’s probably because there’s a typo! Let me know the details by emailing

Points will be awarded for the following:
1 Point: For every team member who completes an Open workout during Friday Night Lights.

3 Points: For the top 3 Male and Female, RX and Scaled Athletes who complete the workout during Friday Night Lights.

5 Points: Performance of the week

10 Points: Team with the most spirit each week.

*Points may be awarded for other challenges, face-offs, tasks and awesomeness as we see fit.

Mother Thrusters
Captains: Sara, CJ, Melissa
Athletes: Joe N. Jr, Maddie, Kathy, Jim, Patty, Sondra, Joe N, Sherry, Christa, Kevin C, Keith C, Michelle R, Steph K, Lindsay K, Michael C, Robson, Russ T., Fiona, Jamie F, Andrew Perzel III, Marcus, Keith K, Connor C. Meredith, Miriam

Just The Kip
Captains: Erik, Greg, Tim
Athletes: Bridget, Caroline, Allison, Samn, Charlie, Vienna, Randi, Amy M, Drew Perzel, Eric K, Val, Daddy Warlock, Lewis, Ana, Stephanie M, Karen, Cory, Kelly T. , Carlos, Dan A., Sally, Deb D., Marjorie, Fran

Booty and the Beasts
Captains: Mario, Heather, Mike
Athletes: Jose, Alissa, Matt C, Billy F, Dave Strathausen, Eric, Tim S, Z, Stevie B, Sammy, Zach, Lew, Max, Krysta, Taft, Mel, Michele T, Bri, Joe P, Jonny, Darrell, Steven R. Garrett, Steven R.

One Snatch and Two jerks
Captains: Ashley, Quinby, Ryan
Athletes: Billy P, Josh, Kim, Jon Su, Kyle R, Maria, Brenden, Brad S, Mariana, Abbie, Jill, Cristy, Sonny, Nick B., Anita, Tommy C, Sue, Dawn, Vicky, Matt T, Brendan, Lisa K, Marina, Gary L.


Wednesday February 20, 2018

Non Open Athletes:
A. Front Squats 6×3

B. 3 Rounds For Time:
50 Air Squats
30 KB Swings @ 53/35
20 Wallball @20/14

Warlock Weightlifting:
A. Push Press – 2RM, 90%x2, 95%x2
B. Bottom-up Front Squat – 5RM, 90%x5, 90%xMax Reps
C. Back Squat Jump – 20%x3, 25%x3, 30%x3
D. Turkish Get-up – 3 x 5/side

Open Athletes: Today is your rest / recovery day. Feel free to stop in, move a little, hang out and oh yeah, do some ROM WOD! The Open workout will be streaming live Thursday 8 pm at Warlock thanks to our sponsor Morarity Physical Therapy. Feel free to come in, hear the announcement live and after watch Mario and Ryan go head to head after the announcement.

Open Workout 18.1, Present by Camp Hillcroft

Starting Friday February 23 at 5 pm and running through till all the heats have finished we will take on the first CrossFit Open workout. Bring your friends, family and let’s have some fun on Friday Night!

Affiliate: Warlock CrossFit
Team: Warlock Athletics 2018

Please make sure that info above is correct on your CrossFit Games profile!



Tuesday February 20, 2018

Thursday February 22 @ 8 pm – 18.1 Viewing Party Sponsored by Moriarty Physical Therapy

Friday February 23 @ 5 pm – 18.1 Friday Night Lights
Premier Sponsor – Camp Hillcroft
Hospitality Sponsor – Baroni Recycling

A. Push Press 5×5

21 Power Snatches @ 75/55
15 Burpees over Bar
9 Box Jumps @ 24/20

15 Power Snatches @ 105/80
15 Burpees over Bar
15 Box Jumps @ 24/20

9 Power Snatches @ 135/95
15 Burpees Over Bar
21 Box Jumps @ 24/20

*3 Minute rest between AMRAPs

5×30 Cal Row – 90 Seconds Rest

Warlock Weightlifting:
1. Segment Clean (mid-thigh) – 2RM, 90%x2, 95%x2
2. Segment Clean Pull (1″) – 4RM, 90%x4x2
3. SLDL – 3×8
A1. 1-arm DB Overhead Carry – 50m x 3
A2. Weighted Plank – 3 x 30 sec

Monday February 19, 2018

Click here to sign up for the Open!

Affiliate: Warlock CrossFit
Team: Warlock Athletics 2018

Open Athletes: This is how I would recommend approaching this week:
Monday: Training
Tuesday: Training
Wednesday: ROM WOD / Rest
Thursday: Light Movement
Friday: Open Workout 18.1

Thursday night we will watch the announcement of 18.1 live at Warlock starting at 8 pm. Sponsored by our friends at Moriarty Physical Therapy. If you want to come food will be provided. Bring a chair, protein shake, beverage and hang out while we watch the broadcast live.

Immediately following the broadcast, two of our Team Captains and coaches, Ryan and Mario will go head to head in 18.1.

Friday by 1 Pm I will post your heat and time you will be completing 18.1 for Friday Night Lights. If you need special arrangements i.e. you can’t make it to Friday Night lights till a later time. You must email me on Wednesday by 8 pm.

Friday Night we will do an athlete briefing to discuss standards and answer questions at 5 pm sharp. If you are missing the athlete briefing, it’s okay, it is however 100% your responsibility to review the standards, know and understand them for your workout. The first heat will go off at 5:30 pm.

A. 10 Min EMOM
odd: 3 Clean and Jerks (Across)
even: 5 Muscle Ups

60 Double Unders
30 Wallball
15 Cleans

Warlock RX @ 165/115
Warlock Performance @ 135/95
Warlock Fitness – 60 Single Unders| @20/14 t 9 ft | @115/75
Warlock Fitness Light – 60 Single Unders | @20/14 t 9 ft | @ 95/65

*Bonus* 5×20 Cal Bike : 90 Second Rest

Warlock Weightlifting:
A. Push Jerk – 2RM, 90%x2, 90%x2
B. Pause Back Squat with 3 sec eccentric – 5RM, 90%x5, 90%xMax Reps
C. Weighted Step-up (below knee height; reps/leg) – 3×8
D. Broad Jump – 4×3
A1. Alternating KB Press – 3 x 10
A2. GHD Sit-up – 3 x 10

2018 Warlock CrossFit Open – Sponsors

Thank You to all of the businesses that are sponsoring the 2018 Warlock CrossFit Open! It’s amazing to see how much support we have from the community for this event in order to make this bigger and better every year for you the member! A lot of these businesses are either close friends, family or members we work out with everyday! Please look to them first as we want to help everyone around us grow.

Premier Sponsors:
18.1 – Camp Hillcroft
18.2 – Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County
18.3 – Major Abstract Corporation
18.4 – Kingsview Assest Management
18.5 – DS Electric

Recovery Sponsor:
Moriarty Physical Therapy

Hospitality Sponsors:
18.1 – Baroni Scrap Metal Recycling
18.2 – Unilock
18.3 – Jeannie Bean Deli
18.4 – Cafe Deliicious
18.5 – Ryan Arket Real Estate Broker

T-Shirt and Banner Sponsors:
Four Brothers Drive In
Hand Shakes Bar and Grill
Takota Service Dogs
CMJ Tree Service
Prime Lending
Precision Automotive
Hope Ackerly LMT
Bella Luci Salon
LaGange Veterinary Hospital
Ascent Protein

Sunday February 18, 2018

Raise your game. There are five things you can control in regards to fitness. Pick one that will help move the needle the most for you this week. Focus on something actionable you can do every day to improve. Feel free to post what that is.

1. Training
2. Mindset
3. Nutrition
4. Sleep
5. Recovery

A. Back Squat – Find a heavy single

B. Teams of 3 – 3 Rounds
40 C2B
50 Wall Ball @ 20/14
60 Calorie Bike/Row

Saturday February 17, 2018

“Everything matters. Every detail. Every interaction. Every moment is an opportunity to be better.”

Today from 9-10 am – Seminar – Save time and money by food prepping with Heather. Sign up in Mindbody. Spots are limited.

A. 7 x 1 Snatch

B For Time:
1000m Row
30 Power Snatch
50 Burpee Box Jumps

Warlock RX/Performance – 115/75, 24/20
Warlock Fitness – 95/65, 24/20
Warlock Fitness Light – 75/55. 20, step ups allowed

*Bonus 9-7-5 Clean and Jerk @ 205/145 / Ring Muscle Ups

Warlock Weightlifting:
A. Snatch (on the minute) – 70%x1x3, 75%x1x3, 80%x1x3, HS
B. Clean & Jerk (on the minute) – 70%x1+1×3, 75%x1+1×3, 80%x1+1×3, HS
C. Pause Front Squat – 5RM, 90%x5, 90%xMax reps
D. Jerk Support – 5 sec – 2RM
E. Hanging Leg Raise – 3 x max

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