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Warlock Athletic Academy! Where Youth Athletes Get Stronger, Faster and Better. Our goal is simple – to help you (or your child) become a better athlete. We focus on compound lifts and movements that result in stronger, more explosive athletes. We take the time to teach you, our athletes lifting techniques and mechanics so that you understand how to move and how you can improve your movement to become stronger, faster and more explosive. Our program is made up of plyometrics, compound lifts, calisthenics and basic gymnastics movements that grow with the athletes.

Getting stronger, faster and becoming better is not just physical. We also challenge our athletes to grow stronger mentally, by pushing them to become mentally aware and discovering that they are capable of much more than they realize. Developing mental toughness in athletes is just as important as physical achievement at Warlock Athletic Academy.

With improved knowledge and training, our athletes generate more force, power and speed to perform better in their specific sport. This program challenges athletes at every level and will challenge athletes around them to become better. That being said we also scale workouts for athletes so they can achieve a similar stimulus to maximize their improvement while working out.

We offer three, 1-hour classes per week for athletes between the ages of 13-17 and ages 9-12. Descriptions are the schedule for both of those age groups.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact Erik at or 845.406.4356.

Warlock Athletic Academy is directed by Warlock Athletics Owner, Former Arlington Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, Former Marist College Division One Soccer Player, Who’s Who For American College Students, Marist College and Arlington Alumni, Erik Zeyher.

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