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Warlock CrossFit is dedicated to forging elite fitness. Our team is dedicated to helping our members improve themselves each day by becoming more fit, knowledgeable, and self aware. Community is built into our culture, so be prepared for members to know your name, become your friends, care when you miss classes, and cheer for you at the end of a workout.

As a first time member you are required to take our “On Ramp” classes. Through our On-Ramp sessions with our certified trainers, you will learn the basics of weightlifting, bodyweight movements, exercising safely, nutrition and flexibility. Each session will include a warm up, movements to develop technique, and a Workout of the Day (WOD). ¬†On Ramp is scheduled on a One-on-One basis to accommodate your schedule in order to get started right away.

CrossFit is universally scalable, making it the perfect for any individual – regardless of age or ability. Based on your ability, our trainers will help you to scale load(s), movement(s) and intensity, without changing the programing.We want to help you reach your goals through functional fitness.

Warlock CrossFit will help you obtain measurable, meaningful results that make a difference in your daily life. We want to work with you to set wild fitness goals and help make them a reality. Stop in today or call Erik at 845.406.4356 in order to get started. We look forward to having you at our facility!


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